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Centenniel Membership Awards


Lions Clubs International is celebrating 100 years of service and we're getting ready for our next 100 years!

The Centennial Celebration Membership Awards provides allLions and Lions clubs the opportunity to earn special Limited Edition awards for inviting new members and helping to organize new clubs.


Membership Satisfaction Awards


Clubs that end a fiscal year with a net gain can earn the Membership Satisfaction Award banner patch in two ways:

  1. Ninety percent of the club members at the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1) remain in the club at the end of the fiscal year (June 30). Death and transfers are excluded.
  2. Reverse membership losses. Clubs that had net membership losses the previous two years, but attain a “zero” net loss in the program year ending June 30, also receive the award.

For additional information, contact Membership Operations.


Lions Clubs International offers various award programs to recognize Lions, clubs and districts for their accomplishments.

  • Chevron Awards: Recognizes Lions for their long-term service, beginning at 10 years and continuing in five year increments until 75 years of service.
  • Excellence Awards: Clubs and districts that excel in community service, membership growth, communication and organizational management may qualify for the prestigious Excellence Awards.
  • Extension Awards: Recognize and honor outstanding Lions and clubs for their achievements and dedication to the chartering of a new club.
  • Global Membership Team Awards and Recognition: Recognizes GMT coordinators for membership growth.
  • Leo Club Awards: Recognize Leos and Lions active in the Leo Club Program.
  • Membership Key Awards: Recognize individual Lions who invite new members.
  • Membership Satisfaction Awards: Clubs that end a fiscal year with a net gain can earn the Membership Satisfaction Award banner patch.
  • Strides Banner Patch Award: Lions Clubs International will recognize a Lions club with a free Strides Banner Patch Award if the club has met the specific critera related to Strides: Lions for Diabetes Awareness.
  • Zone and Region Awards: Special quarterly awards for zone and region chairpersons.

District 35 Award PDF Downloads

Anchor Award

Crusader Application

Pilot Application

Order of the Golden Chain

Order of the Golden Chain- Offshore

Governors Achievement- New Lion

Governors Achievement- Transfer Lion

Crusader_Ap (pdf)


Pilot Award Applicatio-01 (pdf)


Anchor Award (pdf)


Order of the Golden Chain Affidavit (pdf)


Order of the Golden Chain Affidavit-Offshore Lions (pdf)


Governors Achievement Award Offshore Member (pdf)


Governors Achievement Award Transfer Member (pdf)


Governors Achievement Award New Member (pdf)